Featured Publications

1. Tian Hua, Xiaoting Li, Lijie Wu, Laura M. Bohn, Alexandros Makriyannis, Zhi-Jie Liu, Activation and Signaling Mechanism Revealed by Cannabinoid Receptor-Gi Complex Structures, Cell (2020)

2. X. Li, T. Hua, K. Vemuri, S. J. Ho, Y. Wu, L. Wu, P. Popov, O. Benchama, N. Zvonok, K. Locke, L. Qu, GW. Han, M. Iyer, R. Cinar, N. Coffey, J. Wang, M., Wu, V. Katritch, S. Zhao, G. Kunos, L. Bohn, A. Makriyannis, R Stevens. Liu ZJ* (2019) Crystal Structure of the Human Cannabinoid Receptor CB2. Cell, 176(3): 459-467 e413

3. Peng Y, J. D. McCorvy, K. Harpsoe, K. Lansu, S. Yuan, P. Popov, L. Qu, M. Pu, T. Che, L. F.   Nikolajsen, X. P. Huang, Y. Wu, L. Shen, W. E. Bjorn-Yoshimoto, K. Ding, D. Wacker, G. W. Han, J. Cheng, V. Katritch, A. A. Jensen, M. A. Hanson, S. Zhao, D. E. Gloriam, B. L. Roth, R. C. Stevens and Z. J. Liu (2018). 5-HT2C Receptor Structures Reveal the Structural Basis of GPCR Polypharmacology. Cell, 172(4), 719-730.

4. T. Hua, K. Vemuri, S. Nikas, R. Laprairie, Y. Wu, L. Qu, M. Pu, A. Korde, S. Jiang, J.H. Ho, GW. Han, D. Ding, X. Li, H. Liu, S. M. Hanson, S. Zhao*, L. Bohn*, A. Makriyannis*, R Stevens. Liu ZJ* (2017) Crystal Structure of agonist-bound Human Cannabinoid Receptor CB1. Nature, 547 (7664): 468-471

5. Song G, Yang D, Wang Y, Graaf C.D, Zhou Q, Jiang S, Liu K, Cai X, Dai A, Lin G, Liu D, Wu F, Wu Y, Zhao S, Ye L, Han G.W, Lau J, Wu B, Hanson M.A, Liu Z.J*, Wang M.W*, and Steven R.C* (2017) Human GLP-1 receptor transmembrane domain structure in complex with allosteric modulators, Nature, 546(7657):312-315.

6. T. Hua, K. Vemuri, M. Pu, L. Qu, GW. Han, Y. Wu, S. Zhao, W. Shui, S. Li, A. Korde, R. Laprairie, E. Stahl, J. Ho, N. Zvonok, H. Zhou, I. Kurareva, B. Wu, Q. Zhao, M. Hanson, L. Bohn*, A. Makriyannis*, R Stevens*. ZJ. Liu* (2016) Crystal Structure of the Human Cannabinoid Receptor CB1. Cell, 167(3):750-762.

More Publications

7. X., Song, H., Shan, Y., Zhu, S., Hu, L., Xue, Y., Chen, W., Ding, T., Niu, J., Gu, S., Ouyang*, Q., Shen*, Z-J Liu* (2019) Self-capping of nucleoprotein filaments protects Newcastle Disease Virus genome. eLIFE, 8:e45057.
8. J. Li, J. Rodriguez, F. Niu, M. Pu, J. Wang, L.Hung, Q. Shao, Y.Zhu, W. Ding, Y.Liu, Y. Da, Z. Yao, J. Yang, Y. Zhao, G. Wei, G. Cheng, ZJ. Liu, S. Ouyang (2016) Structural basis for DNA recognition by STAT6. PNAS, 113(46), 13015-130-20.
9. Liu B, Ouyang S, Makarova K, Xia Q, Zhu Y, Li Z, Guo L, Koonin E, Liu ZJ*, Huang L*. (2015) A primase subunit essential for efficient primer synthesis by an archaeal eukaryal-type primase. Nat Commun. 6:7300.
10. Zhao, L., Hua, t., Crowley, C., Ru, H., Ni, X., Shaw, N., Jiao, L., Ding, W., Qu, L., Hung, L., Huang, W., Liu, L., Ye, K., OuYang, S*, Cheng, G*, and Liu, Z. J*, (2014) Structural analysis of asparaginyl endopeptidase reveals the activation mechanism and a reversible intermediate maturation stage, Cell Res, 24(3):344-58
11. Niu, F., Shaw, N., Wang, Y., Jiao, L., Ding, W., Li, X., Zhu, P., Upur, H., OuYang, S*, Cheng, G*, and Liu, Z. J*, (2013) Structure of the Leanyer Orthobunyavirus Nucleoprotein-RNA complex reveals novel architecture for RNA encapsidation, PNAS, 110(22):9054-9.
12. Ru, H., Ni, X. , Zhao, L. , Crowley, C., Ding, W., Hung, L., Shaw, N., Cheng, G*. and Liu, Z. J*, (2013) Structural basis for termination of AIM2-mediated signaling by p202. Cell Research, 23(6):855-8.
13. OuYang, S, Song, X, Wang, Y, Ru, H., Shaw, N., Jiang, Y., Niu, F., Zhu, Y., Qiu, W., Parvatiyar, K., Li, Y., Zhang, R., Cheng, G*., and Liu, Z. J*, (2012) Structural Analysis of the STING Adaptor Protein Reveals a Hydrophobic Dimer Interface and Mode of Cyclic di-GMP Binding, Immunity, 36(6): 1073-1086.
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18. J. Gu, Y. Feng, X. Feng, C. Sun, L. Lei, W. Ding, F. Niu, L. Jiao, M. Yang, Y. Li, X. Liu, J. Song, Z. Cui, D. Han, C. Du, Y. Yang, S. Ouyang*, Z. J. Liu*, W. Han*, (2014) Structural and Biochemical Characterization Reveals LysGH15 as an Unprecedented "EF-Hand-Like" Calcium-Binding Phage Lysin, PLOS Pathogens, 10(5) e1004109.